• @mengopudding
  • Software Engineer at Xplor
    I write Elixir & JavaScipt


    Full Stack Engineer who enjoys exploratory learning and diving deep into technologies developing real solutions to solve complex problems by focusing on well-thought-out patterns that are maintainable, reusable and scalable. When developing, the first three things I think deeply about is; the business, the end-user and my team.

    I always understand the business and consumer needs first before justifying the technical implementation. I am a believer of practicing cross-pollination when and where it is reasonable to harness each other and the open-source community and not re-inventing the wheel. My experience in start-up/scale-up environment has made me become highly adaptable by embracing the constant changes that the company endures. I embrace change as I do not want stagnation.

    With over seven years of experience in an industry that requires delivering exceptional customer experience and clientele services to thrive, I consider myself friendly at heart and collaborative to work with. I enjoy working in a team, sharing knowledge, growing together and delivering the highest quality product to make sure it impacts and brings the most value to users.


    As the world evolves and our roles constantly change, we often face the challenge of deciding where and how to spend our time. I strongly feel that technology can be leveraged as a tool to automating repetitive and time consuming tasks, making us all a little more "time rich". There is no limitation to how much time we can earn if we harness technology to gift ourselves a small token of time.
    Time awaits for no one."   - Unknown